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How soon will my order be delivered?

We try to deliver your order as soon as possible at all times. It may happen that it takes a little longer to receive your order. The delivery time can vary between 15 minutes to 72hrs from the time you place your order.

What payment methods are available?

At the moment we only support PayPal & Creditcard & Cryptocurrency

Do I need to provide my password to place an order?

No! we do not require a password! Just make sure your account is not set to private before placing an order.

I bought followers but they disappear, now what?

No worries! We offer as a service to refill these followers for you for free, just send us a chat message, we will be happy to help you! 😊

Do I get a discount if I place a large order?

For orders over 50K likes/followers, you can always contact us! We are happy to assist you in placing the order! 😊

Do you also provide likes & followers for other for example TikTok, Facebook or YouTube?

Yes we do! 😍 We do indeed also provide likes & followers for other platforms such as TikTok, Facebook and YouTube! Do you want more info about this? Just write us via chat!